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Hiring a cleaning service shouldn’t be difficult nor time consuming. You shouldn’t have to spend an afternoon calling several companies before you get a call back. You shouldn’t have to coordinate a walkthrough and waste your valuable time just to move on to the next company’s quote. You should be able to clearly communicate with the company you hire so you can point out what’s important to you and reschedule with ease if you have to. After you schedule service, the cleaner should be on time to the appointment and the results should blow you away with a guarantee they come back in case they don’t.

That’s the type of cleaning company we’ve created for you. One where you can schedule services online (no walkthrough required). We’re easy to communicate with. Call, text or email if you have a question need to add services or reschedule. We show up on time and the results are second to none with STEAM melting away grime and PROBIOTICS punching germs in the face. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, we’ll come back and clean the item or area for free.

You simply won’t find another cleaning service focused on saving you time, stress and health the way we do.


Cleaning isn’t just about appearance. In fact, cleaning is one of the most important things you can do to improve your health next to diet, exercise and washing your hands. That’s why we offer our nontoxic cleaning services for where you live, work and play.

We use STEAM & PROBIOTICS to go beyond nontoxic and take cleaning to a new level: beneficial. Steam blasts away tough grime while probiotics attack germs, allergens and odors for up to several days. No harmful chemicals to put your health at risk.

Experience the new realm of clean!


Germz Be Gone makes it possible for you to do the things you enjoy rather than the dirty work no one likes to endure.

Imagine spending a couple hours binge watching your favorite episodes on Netflix instead of wiping out the vomit from your child’s car seat or deodorizing those gross, funky hockey pads that have been sitting in your trunk for the past month. What else could you do with your extra time? Take your kids to the park, go for a walk, hit the gym, do some yoga, read a book, nap, catch up with friends?

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