We take health seriously and believe nontoxic, probiotic cleaning to be an important first step to better health. That’s why we use steam and probiotics to clean, detail, sanitize and deodorize where you live, work and play. Steam means cleaning so deep surfaces are left without grime or soapy films. Probiotics mean protection from germs, allergens and odors for a number of days–not minutes. No harsh chemicals mean no negative side effects from our beneficial cleaning services.

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Deep CleaningMove In/Out | Sale Prep  Refresh baby gearStrollers | Car Seats | And More  Deodorize Sports GearPads | Helmets | And More  Probiotic FoggingDestroy Germs, Allergens & Odors

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Why Hire Us Instead Of Your Lame Same Ol’ Cleaning Company

  • We truly care for your health! Our first priority is your health, period. No toxic chemicals. No negative side effects.
  • Schedule services online – with no walkthrough required, scheduling services is super easy. No more phone tag or wasting time hoping someone remembers your appointment!
  • We’re easy to communicate with – call, text or email if you have a question, need to add services or reschedule your appointment.
  • We show up on time, every time – no more waiting for the cleaners to show up (if they do at all).
  • We use updated equipment! You won’t find feather dusters, ancient vacuums or string mops and dirty mop buckets in our cleaning arsenal. No way!! We use the latest equipment for ultimate results.
  • We sanitize our equipment after each job – no tracking previous customer’s germs into your home. The goal is to get rid of germs not introduce more.
  • Results are second to none – with STEAM melting away grime and PROBIOTICS punching germs in the face, no other cleaning company comes close to achieving the results we do.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed – if you’re not satisfied for any reason, we’ll come back as soon as possible and clean the item or area for free.
  • Social responsibility is important – we work with several nonprofits and local organizations to help those in need by donating our cleaning services and time to worthy causes. 
  • We are licensed and insured!

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Deep CleaningMove In/Out | Sale Prep  Refresh baby gearStrollers | Car Seats | And More  Deodorize Sports GearPads | Helmets | And More  Probiotic FoggingDestroy Germs, Allergens & Odors

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