How You Benefit From Our Services

Save Time & Hassle

We help you save time from doing the time consuming tasks of cleaning difficult items like car seats, strollers and high chairs and even sports equipment like football helmets, lacrosse pads or wrestling mats. Just BOOK ONLINE!

Save Money

The better you maintain your gear, the better it will operate and the longer it will last. No more wasting money on replacements when you can get your gear and equipment refreshed for a fraction of the cost.

Lower Chances of Infection

Good health starts at home. By keeping your most often used (yet neglected) items sanitized and free of germs, you can be healthier and enjoy the life experiences you really want to. No more missed wages or opportunities elsewhere.

How We Do It

We use over a decade of experience and high-temperature steam to destroy germs and biofilm. Our process is all natural with absolutely no harsh chemicals or toxic fumes to negatively impact your health.

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