2 For 1 Car Seat Cleaning Service Special

There is more than coronavirus to worry about in your child’s car seat. Dangerous bacteria like staph, e. coli, and salmonella can also lurk there ready to cause infection at any moment.

With the heightened sense of awareness about the spread of germs out there, we want to give you the opportunity to get your child’s car seats cleaned and sanitized with this incredible deal.

At-Home or Office Service Included!

Disclaimer: Please consult your car seat manual before cleaning (professionally or at home), as it may invalidate some manufacturers’ warranties.

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Children tend to carry a lot of germs. Especially if you have school-aged children, you already know this to be the case. They read on the floor, touch their face, touch each other’s face, rarely wash their hands, and play on the ground–their clothes acting as tissues and sponges for all sorts of germs.

What you may realize is there is a good reason for school clothes and play clothes–and it has nothing to do with keeping school clothes neat. It has to do with stopping the spread of germs coming from school and tracking throughout your home. In other words, interrupting the school-to-home-to-school germ pipeline is critical in preventing the spread of disease.

However, as a parent, how many times have you applied that same school-clothes logic to your child’s car seat? Don’t they sit in it each time they get in your vehicle? Their car seat sees school clothes, play clothes, and church clothes, not to mention countless crumbs, gummies and goop. If your child is not changing her clothes each time she gets in and out of her car seat, the spread of germs continues. Shouldn’t you clean the car seat every once in a while?

Maxi-Cosi, a child car seat manufacturer, surveyed over 500 customers. They found that only half of all parents admitted to cleaning their child’s car seat more than a few times a year. The other half, maybe not at all. Is that how to stop the spread of disease? Of course not. You can do better. Especially with Germz Be Gone child car seat cleaning services.

We pull up to your home or office, plug in, set up and get to work. Your child’s car seat goes through an intense detailing all the way down to the base. We sanitize with steam then apply probiotics for further ATP reduction. We lift stains with an enzyme. We fight odors with vinegar and essential oils. Our nontoxic approach is both effective at sanitizing and safe for your little one’s health.

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