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germz be gone nontoxic cleaning services las vegas

Your child deserves clean, right?

With house calls and contactless payment, we make it super easy for you to get your child's car seat cleaned. Not to worry, we do strollers and more too!

We use nontoxic, dry steam vapor and natural, gentle, yet powerful disinfectants to rid your child's gear of crumbs, stickies, odors and, of course--harmful germs.

Book your child's car seat cleaning below.

Car Seat Cleaning And More


What's included in this amazing service?

In addition to friendly, professional service, our car seat cleaning services include:

  • Service outside your home or office (we just need a standard outlet to plug in to).
  • EPA List "N" disinfectant for use against coronavirus and other dangerous germs.
  • Real steam for deep cleaning and natural disinfecting.
  • Stain treatment for difficult areas.*
  • Quick dry to get your items back in use within minutes.

*Not all stains and spots can be removed, but we do our best!

How long does service take?

It depends on how many items you have, but most items take anywhere between 20-30 minutes.

When do I get my items back?

Since we provide service on the spot, you know where your items are at all times and you get them back right away. No overnight waiting. No wondering if you'll have a car seat in the morning to drop your child off at school or run errands around town. We take all the hassle out of cleaning your child's car seat.

How long does it take for items to dry?

Since we use real steam (not hot water), most items are dry within a matter of minutes. You'll likely be able to place your kiddo in a clean car seat shortly after we leave.

Do I have to be home?

You do not have to be home for us to service your items. Simply place your items outside your front door and we'll show up on time to service them on the spot. We just need a standard outlet to plug in to (normally by the front door).