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How To Keep Your Football Pads From Stinking

How To Keep Your Football Pads From Stinking

Don’t Be Afraid To Admit It

There is one thing that every football player knows for sure, but may not admit outloud to themselves nor their teammates for fear of embarrassment: your football pads get funky!

Your pads get smelly enough to where they have to ride in the trunk of the car and are not allowed inside the house.

Your days of embarrassment are over. Here are a few ways to keep your gear from smelling like a barnyard and also keep germs at bay that can cause infection and keep you off the field.

Air Out

Germs love dark, damp places–that’s where they do the most multiplying. By zipping your gear up in a duffle bag all you’re doing is giving germs like staph and e. coli their favorite environment.

When enough bad germs are present that’s when your gear starts getting funky and you can contract an infection. I know it’s easier to toss your pads and helmet in a bag or locker and let them marinate in your sweat until the next time you need them, but that is not a good habit to get into to.

A simple way to remember it: bad odors equal a ton of germs.

After each game or practice it is critical to let your gear air out. Since we live in Las Vegas, and the air is dry, just place your pads and helmet outside for an hour or two (direct sun and heat not required). The goal is to evaporate your sweat to give the germs nothing to eat or drink to survive on.

Spray Down

After evaporating the moisture and sweat from your pads, you are now ready to spray them down with something antimicrobial.

There are number of chemical sanitizing sprays out there, but I highly recommend against them for a few reasons: 1) ounce for ounce, they cost more than natural sprays, 2) they simply don’t work–they will not penetrate fabrics before they themselves evaporate, 3) they have proven to be contributing factors in the growth of superbugs like MRSA and 4) they are hazardous to your health–their own warning labels say so!

Alternatives I strongly encourage are natural antimicrobials like vinegar, essential oils or even probiotics.

To make your own spray you just need a spray bottle, water and mix in one of the following:

  • vinegar – 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water – the vinegar smell goes away in a few minutes
  • essential oils – 1-2 drops per ounce of water – essential oils also smell great
  • probiotics – 0.5 ounces to 32 ounces of water – probiotics can stay active for several days, so they are still working even when you put your gear back on tomorrow.

Each natural alternative works great and will keep your gear from harboring germs a lot longer than chemical sanitizers will, plus they’ll cut down on the odors that spring up from your pads.

Go Deep…!!

At least once per month, during the season, you should get your gear professionally deep cleaned.

Look for a company that specializes in cleaning sports gear using natural methods. That way you won’t suffer in the long run from doing the healthy thing by getting your pads cleaned and deodorized from time to time.

In Las Vegas, go with Germz Be Gone as they deodorize and sanitize sports gear using steam and probiotics so there aren’t any nasty side-effects from the cleaning process. For the ultimate convenience, they are a mobile service and make house calls. They even offer team discounts. Check out their prices.

Bad Odor = A Ton Of Germs

Whether you play football or any other sport where you sweat in pads, the above techniques can be used to help save you embarrassment and keep you healthy and active.

Use these techniques every time you take off your pads. Remember to:

Can you imagine your locker room where all of your teammates keep their gear free from germs and odors? How much better would the locker room smell? How many more players reduce the risk of infection and stay healthier during the season (football is played in the heart of flu season)? How much better will your season be?

Onward to glory!

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The Best Natural Laundry Detergents

germz be gone beneficial cleaning

One  of the best perks about cleaning homes is meeting and conversing with the people who live there. In one of my latest projects, I met a woman who was very much into natural cleaning products (hence the reason for hiring Germz Be Gone). She was very knowledgeable about a number of natural cleaning products, but seemed to be most passionate about the natural laundry detergents she uses. She said she’s used quite a few different brands, types, etc., but found her favorites she used every day. Below is the list of what she recommended, plus a few more I added to the list that I really like.

It’s important to note that these are natural detergents. The last thing you would want to do is “clean” your clothes with a bunch of chemicals only to leave behind toxic scents and residues.

Natural detergents are usually formulated with plant-based ingredients and/or enzymes making them eco-friendly, yet very effective in cleaning.

Here is a link to a very informative post about enzymes in detergents if you want to geek out for a sec.

Happy laundering!

Nature’s Miracle Laundry Boost

Nature’s Miracle Laundry Boost – My client swore by this stuff! She has a couple dogs, a few cats, birds, and even humans in her home, so, according to her, they get their fair share of stains and unpleasant odors around the house. This stuff knocks out all that.

Biokleen Bac-Out

When I get requests for removing urine smells out of child car seat fabric, this is the stuff I turn to. It’s powerful plant-based detergent coupled with the action of enzymes makes it perfect for people who have pets too.

Melaleuca Mela Power Laundry Detergent 

Being super concentrated, what I like about Melaleuca’s Mela Power Detergent is it doesn’t take a whole lot to do wash your clothes. Add just 1/2 oz. to the wash and that’s it! It may appear pricey, but the concentrated form pays for itself in no time.

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PureBiotics Is The Real Deal

purebiotics probiotic cleaners PureBiotics USA

I’ve been using probiotics exclusively in my cleaning business for almost a decade now. Customers are always surprised at how clean their home or office is after using probiotic cleaners. While the surprise sets in, they realize there is no lingering-perfumy odor left behind. It’s as if their home has been magically cleaned down to the microscopic level. In effect, it has.

Without getting too sciency, probiotics chip away and devour a very thin, hard film made by germs which actually cover/hide dirt and grime. This film is called biofilm. Believe it or not, most cleaners and chemicals (including bleach) can’t penetrate biofilm, resulting in dingy looking surfaces and incessant odors. Probiotics are not only super effective at destroying biofilm, they actively eat up odors at the source. It’s no wonder my clients can tell the difference between the services I offer versus my competitors.

Probiotic cleaners, like the ones from Chrisal or PureBiotics, are nontoxic–safe for pets, plants, animals, and the environment–and won’t cause you harm like their harsh, toxic counterparts. Add probiotics’ cleaning power and sanitizing properties and you have an extremely effective tool to improve the hygiene of your home or office.

You can try some yourself and see how the benefits of probiotics influence your life. I highly recommend PureBiotics. They seem to be undergoing a rebrand of sorts; transforming from Chrisal (a brand I’ve used and trusted for many years) to their newer moniker, but the products are still the same effective probiotic cleaners my clients have grown to love and request. Plus many of their products are concentrated which makes probiotic cleaners a very economical option over toxic-chemical cleaners.

PureBiotics even carries probiotic products for bath and body, oral hygiene, even farms and animals.  

Probiotics are the future of cleaning!

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Fall Client Appreciation Day

Germz be gone fall picnic at sagemont park summerlin

Germz Be Gone has grown tremendously and you are a huge reason for that! We truly appreciate your support over the last two years and want to invite you to join us for fun, food and games at Summerlin’s newest park. Plus spin the wheel for a chance to win a free car seat or stroller cleaning.

This event is FREE so RSVP below to reserve your family’s spot to let us know you’re coming!

Saturday, October 12th, 2019 – 10am to 1pm

Sagemont Park
11280 Sagemont Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89135

  • RSVP for Client Appreciation Day