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  • We Need More Janitors In Schools!
    We point to the questionable practices of open-air markets in other countries as a source of new diseases, while in our own backyard we have restaurants, for instance, who are so dirty we are entertained by news segments on “Dirty Dining.” The latter being a major source of foodborne illnesses and rodent attraction (which bring […]
  • 5 Things To Sanitize In Your Office Right Now
    Part of preventing the spread of germs is basic cleaning and sanitizing of the environment around you. Think about your shared office space and all the gross little germs that float around and stick to your belongings and things you use on the daily. Things like your keyboard and mouse are easy pipelines for germ […]
  • (no title)
    Are You Wiping Properly? With all the scare concern about viruses (especially coronavirus COVID-19) and other dangerous pathogens, I have to ask: are you wiping properly? You’ve heard of people running to Costco, Sam’s Club or other bulk-buying centers to purchase bottled water, rice, and, yes, wipes. While I can understand the bottled water and […]
  • Counter-Rotating Brush Machine
    When it comes to the latest in cleaning technology, we invest in many different machines and eventually find a few that work better than the others. Such is the case with our latest machine: a counter-rotating brush machine or CRB. The CRB we have is a Powr-Flite Multiwash. It’s called “multiwash” for a reason. This […]
  • Videos To Clean By
    Below are some videos of cleaning services we perform, some before and afters and definitely some gross things you may want to keep away from sensitive eyes. Enjoy!
  • Why BOB Stroller Cleaning Sucks
    B-O-B Stroller Cleaning Service Challenges When it comes to stroller cleaning, I’ve cleaned my fair share. I’m talking hundreds. I’ve cleaned different brands from UPPAbaby and Graco to Chicco and Bugaboo. Yet, the most challenging stroller cleaning project seems to be the B-O-B. That’s right, BOB stroller proves to be the most difficult stroller to […]
  • How To Get Crumbs Out Of A Stroller’s Mesh Pocket
    How To Get Crumbs Out Of A Stroller’s Mesh Pocket If you own a BOB stroller or any other stroller with mesh pockets where your child sits, then you already know how crumbs get stuck in the corners. Fear not, this is how you clean those crumby corners the easy way. Say “goodbye” old, stale […]
  • How To Keep Your Football Pads From Stinking
    Don’t Be Afraid To Admit It There is one thing that every football player knows for sure, but may not admit outloud to themselves nor their teammates for fear of embarrassment: your football pads get funky! Your pads get smelly enough to where they have to ride in the trunk of the car and are […]
  • Now Available! Buying A Vacuum Cleaner For Your Cleaning Business
    This book is a first in a series of helpful guides. Intended for professionals, I give valuable insight into what to look for when buying a vacuum cleaner for your cleaning business. If you want to learn more or simply want to support yours truly, click here to buy the book (#ad).
  • The Best Natural Laundry Detergents
    One  of the best perks about cleaning homes is meeting and conversing with the people who live there. In one of my latest projects, I met a woman who was very much into natural cleaning products (hence the reason for hiring Germz Be Gone). She was very knowledgeable about a number of natural cleaning products, […]
  • PureBiotics Is The Real Deal
    I’ve been using probiotics exclusively in my cleaning business for almost a decade now. Customers are always surprised at how clean their home or office is after using probiotic cleaners. While the surprise sets in, they realize there is no lingering-perfumy odor left behind. It’s as if their home has been magically cleaned down to […]
  • Fall Client Appreciation Day
    Germz Be Gone has grown tremendously and you are a huge reason for that! We truly appreciate your support over the last two years and want to invite you to join us for fun, food and games at Summerlin’s newest park. Plus spin the wheel for a chance to win a free car seat or […]
  • As They Grow Fall Sale Is Here: Sept 12-15th
    Germz Be Gone is excited to be at As They Grow for their upcoming sale: September 12-15th. Stop by our table for a chance to win a free stroller or car seat cleaning and, after you find some great deals, make an appointment to have us come to your home and clean all the gear […]
  • A Few Tips For Parents With Kids Who Get Car Sick
    Those dreaded words are hurled from the backseat, “Mom! My tummy hurts!” Before you can take your eyes off the road, you try to imagine what the issue could be. You run down a list of questions to ask your child as your vehicle cruises down the street: Do you have to poop? Do you […]
  • 6 Fun Ideas For Family Game Night
    This site may use Amazon or other affiliate links where we make a commission if you click through and make a purchase. This does not add to the cost of your purchase, it’s just a way for us to recoup some of the cost for providing you with such awesome, original content. Spend Quality Time […]
  • Chemicals To Clean Because…Why? Probiotics Are So Much Better!
    Probiotic Cleaners Make Better Sense I use probiotics in my cleaning business and my own home and you should too. I’ve used Chrisal, AirBiotics and even have my own brand: Germz Be Gone. No matter the brand, though, make the switch from chemical cleaners ASAP. With over 13 years in the cleaning business, I’ve noticed […]
  • Experiencing Major Allergies? Dust!
    I’ve literally cleaned thousands of different homes in my career. From studio apartments to high-end mansions to RVs and everything else in between, each home–including its occupants–have several things in common: DUST!! Amounts of dust may vary, but not by much. Even if a home already has a cleaning service or a maid service, dust […]
  • Tips For A Healthier Flu Season #7 of 7: Fog It Up
    After you or a family member has been sick, do you ever wish there was a way to sanitize everything in your home? How awesome would it be to know your entire home has been “decontaminated” including the air? What if you could boost your home’s immune system and give your family a better chance […]
  • Tips For A Healthier Flu Season #6 of 7: Change Your Sheets
    Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. Meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will make a commision if you click through and make a purchase. Change Your Sheets Are you waking up with a stuffy nose, feeling a little congested? Perhaps some post-nasal drip has your throat scratchy? The allergens in your […]
  • Tips For A Healthier Flu Season #5 of 7: Exercise
    Get Off The Couch Studies show that moderate exercise boosts the immune system. Why? It’s believed that exercise may help boost your immune system in the following ways (these are only theories): Physical activity may help flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways. This may reduce your chance of getting a cold, flu, or […]