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Allergy Relief



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Get Allergy Relief Now!

Here in Las Vegas, the wind blows and pollen storms ensue. If your cleaning company or you haven’t vacuumed the sofa or your mattress in some time, you are probably breathing in last year’s dust storm and don’t even know it.

With Germz Be Gone Allergy Relief Service, your allergies are sure to improve. Your sofa and mattresses will be vacuumed. Blinds, ceiling fans and shelves dusted. Under your bed vacuumed. Even most furnitured moved so we can get to those areas that aren’t normally seen. Your cleaning company is not doing these things for you and your health is suffering.

We remove allergens in your home so your body can ward off more sinister threats. We aim for you to experience these benefits:

  • Better breathing
  • Better sleeping
  • Better thinking
  • Better health
  • Better YOU!

What’s Included In Your Allergy Relief Home Treatment?

Our Allergy Relief Home Treatment is designed for maximum allergen removal. No brooms, no feather dusters. Just HEPA filter vacuuming and microfiber cloths. For the ultimate allergen removal we get the following areas and more:

  • all horizontal areas
    • tops of cabinets
    • vent registers
    • picture frames
    • shelves
    • ceiling fans
    • light fixtures
    • blinds
    • window sills
    • side/coffee tables
    • table legs
    • chair legs
    • bed frames
    • under beds
    • mattresses (includes two mattresses of any size)
    • behind entertainment center
    • tv’s and other entertainment equipment (will not clean screen of tv’s)
    • behind computers
    • baseboards
    • sofa, couch underneath plus cushions (includes one sectional and two chairs)
    • includes moving of most furniture. No flipping of mattresses.
  • vacuum all floors in home (both carpet and hard floor)
  • vacuum area rugs including underneath
  • mop hard floors
  • probiotic misting treatment of entire home

To go a step further in reducing allergens and grime in your home, we also offer all-natural tile and grout, upholstery and carpet cleaning services. With our combination of steam, probiotics, citrus and state-of-the-art equipment your home will feel clean, not just be clean.

Let us reduce the allergens in your home today! Just select how many rooms you have in your home to get started.


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