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Office Allergy Relief

Improve Your Office’s Health

Indoor air quality is a major issue. It’s not only building materials, but the toxic chemicals being used to clean that contribute to this hazard. Your cleaning company is likely doing what they can to damage your health by using these harsh chemicals as well as archaic methods and equipment. Worse yet, they’re not doing the job they should be to protect your health and have likely slackened off on their cleaning duties (this is common).

Areas like the HVAC vents and registers, cubicle dividers, behind computers, underneath your desk and more need to be dusted or vacuumed from time to time. The amounts of dust present in these areas contribute heavily to your allergies, your co-worker’s allergies and overall productivity of your company. With Germz Be Gone Office Allergy Treatment we do what your cleaning company can’t or won’t, by treating these critical areas.

The less dust and allergens you have in your office environment, the better your health.

Included in the allergy relief treatment is an application of fine probiotic mist treating the air and surfaces of your facility. Probiotics sanitize, deodorize, eliminate biofilm and reduce allergens naturally. Safe, hypoallergenic, fragrance free, with protection lasting for days, our probiotic misting will create an environment where you can breathe easier. The office can even be occupied during application.

Seamless Integration with Current Cleaning Team

Our Allergy Relief service is not designed to displace your current cleaning company or in-house team. Rather, it is designed to enhance what they are already doing. We can work seamlessly with any current cleaning team. They would appreciate the extra help and you will benefit from an ultra clean working environment.

Each office’s needs are different, however, every office can benefit from Germz Be Gone services. Contact us today and we’ll design an allergy relief program for your office.

One-Time Services Start at Just $150 for Small Offices. Contact Us Today!

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