Commercial Restroom Cleaning For Small Businesses

Did you know a one-star increase in Yelp rating leads to a 5-9 percent increase in revenue? Often times, a restaurant loses a star or more due to unclean, dirty restrooms. Plus, 30% of your customers won’t return to your business if the restrooms are dirty. What are you doing to boost your rating, revenue and reputation?

Fortunately for you and your business, Germz Be Gone Restroom Deep Cleaning is here to make your restroom sparkle so you can earn that extra star and boost your revenue.

Benefits to you:

  • Better reputation – A clean restroom is often an indicator of how clean the rest of your operation is. The cleaner the better.
  • Increase revenue – With a better reputation for clean restrooms, you can earn that extra star and recognize that revenue bump.
  • Less work – You, your employees or coworkers don’t have to do the dirty work of cleaning the restroom. Though, if you are the one responsible, it makes your job easier going forward.
  • Seamless integration – No need to replace your current cleaning team. This package is designed to fit alongside and enhance your current cleaning regimen.
  • Save money – Discounts available for monthly, quarterly or annual contracts

Our Restroom Deep Cleaning includes the following:

  • Clean all fixtures sinks, and commodes.
  • Steam walls.
  • Clean mirrors.
  • Clean switches.
  • Clean partitions.
  • Clean tile and grout.
  • Steam mop floors.
  • Remove trash.
  • Deodorize with our Probiotic Treatment.

More services that can help your business shine:

  • Add window washing for just $15 per window (includes both sides)
  • Add office chair cleaning for just $10 per chair

Get started below!