Professional Floor Cleaning Service

Starting at $99

Having guests over for the holidays? Do your floors need a little sprucing up before they arrive?

Sometimes, clients don’t need the whole deep cleaning. They may prefer to do a good amount of cleaning themselves, yet they still need help with cleaning their floors, but want to forgo the cost of complete restoration. That’s where Germz Be Gone comes in.

With our Holiday Floor Cleaning service, you can get your floors professionally cleaned before your guests arrive or after they leave. Either way, give yourself the gift of doing less during these holidays.

Our Holiday Floor Cleaning service is excellent for ceramic tile, laminate, vinyl and wood floors and includes the following:

  • Vacuum – HEPA filter vacuuming of all carpet and hard floors in your home to remove as much loose soil as possible. We even take the crevice tool to get between the carpet edge and baseboards.
  • Steam – our TruSteam cleans, sanitizes and gets rid of hard-to-remove gunk and sticky stuff from your hard floors. Plus you’ll notice a reduction in odors wafting up from the floors that you may not have realized were there (especially beneficial if you have pets).
  • Mop – we come through for a final wet mopping of your hard floors to leave them sparkling clean and ready to show off.
  • Probiotics – add an optional probiotic treatment for the ultimate in microscopic protection. Probiotics reduce ATP from things like pet dander, dead skin cells, pollen and more without harming you, your pets or Mother Earth.
  • Baseboards – brighten up your floors and rooms by adding an optional baseboard cleaning. Nothing says “this house is super clean,” like clean baseboards.
Note: natural stone floors like marble or travertine are not recommended for this service.

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    Deep Cleaning


    Moving in? Moving out? Selling a home? Just time for a deep cleaning? No matter the case, our steam gets down to the nitty-gritty, then our probiotics come through to eat up allergens, odors and further reduce ATP. Our deep cleaning combination and process cannot be beat! Spectacular results with no harsh chemicals means the appearance you’re looking for with your health intact. Our cleaning services are especially great for allergy sufferers and those sensitive to chemicals.

    Price out your cleaning and book it below!

    What To Expect

    Once you book our cleaning services online, here’s what will happen:

    1. You will receive confirmation by email and text, detailing your cleaning services and appointment time.

    2. At your cleaning service appointment, a team of highly-trained, customer-service-oriented Germz Be Gone cleaning technicians (or an individual for smaller projects) will show up at your door ready to get to work.

    3. Before our crew begins the magic, feel free to walk us through your home and point out any pet peeves or areas you want us to pay extra attention to. Otherwise, we’ll do what we normally do and scrub, polish, wipe, steam and deep clean for a healthier home.

    4. Presto! Your home will FEEL great, look amazing and all without toxic, harsh chemicals.


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